Commercial properties are not immune to hazardous materials. In fact, many commercial properties have hazardous materials without even realizing it! Luckily, for you, Colorado Hazardous Materials is here to give you all the knowledge to help you be safer! Below are the most commonly found hazardous materials found in and around commercial properties.


Of the four hazardous materials we are discussing, asbestos is by far the most severe. Asbestos is in the news and is known to be very dangerous. Asbestos not only causes respiratory illnesses, but it also causes cancer and even death. Asbestos-containing materials were used for decades in construction materials. Many older commercial properties have never been tested, and the asbestos still remains on the property.


Mold isn’t as severe as asbestos, but it can still make you ill and cause structural damages to your commercial property. If you have mold stains, smell a musty scent, or have had water damages, you likely have mold. Mold growth is dangerous because it not only mimics allergies, but it also causes significant damages to the structure of your property.


Lead poisoning is not as discussed as it once was, but that does not mean it is not an issue. Older buildings usually contain lead paint. Lead poisoning does not usually affect the average healthy adult, but it will wreak havoc on children, the elderly, and pregnant women.


Rodents may not seem like a hazardous material, but they are. Rodents carry diseases, and their urine and feces have viruses and bacteria that can make you ill. If there are rodents on your property, call a professional for removal. Rodents can cause damages to the structure of your building and destroy wires and other parts of your property.