Lead Poisoning – Ways to Protect Your Children

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Lead is no longer used in paint, but it was used for many years, and your home could have lead paint. While lead paint was federally banned in 1978, there was still a chance of lead paint in homes built after that date. As construction companies buy paint in bulk, it is likely some still [...]

Asbestos, Your Roof, and Flooring

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Asbestos is being called the silent killer, and for a good reason. You cannot see asbestos fibers, because they are so tiny. It is almost impossible to know if your home has asbestos-containing materials. Luckily, there is an asbestos test that can determine if your home does have asbestos. Samples are taken from all areas [...]

Rapid Mold Growth – Is Warmer Weather to Blame?

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Summer has been exceptionally warmer than average and with it can come rapid mold growth. Mold loves warm, dark, and damp areas. That is why the basement and attic mold is so common. It makes the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold is known to cause significant damages to the structure of your property. It [...]

Am I Required to Test for Asbestos?

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Commercial properties must abide by different laws and regulations than those of residential properties. If you own a building, under certain circumstances, you are required to test for asbestos. Below, Colorado Hazardous Environmental will explain when you are required to test for asbestos. If My Building was Constructed During the 80s, does it need testing? [...]

Hazardous Waste Disposal- Why Should I Hire a Professional?

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Hazardous materials can cause major health problems to you, your family, clients, and employees if they are not handled and removed correctly. Colorado Hazardous Environmental explains the need for professional hazardous materials and waste removal. What Materials and Waste are Considered Hazardous? When it comes to hazardous materials and waste, many do not realize what [...]

Asbestos – What are the Truths?

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We see asbestos in magazines, in media, and plastered on billboards, but is it is dangerous as everyone makes it out to be? Below, Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss the facts about asbestos. If you believe your home or business contains asbestos, it is crucial to have a certified asbestos removal company provide an asbestos [...]

Should I Be Concerned with Lead Paint?

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Do people still worry about lead paint? Is that really a concern? Yes, lead paint is still a serious concern, especially among parents of smaller children. Lead paint could be in your newer home. Even though lead is no longer used in paint, doesn’t mean the paint that was used in your home wasn’t old [...]

Basement and Attic Checks for Mold

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Spring is the time for cleaning and maintenance. However, we often overlook some key areas of our homes as we get ready for Summer. We clean the interior and exteriors of our homes, but we tend to ignore two areas that could cause you major grief. Our attics and basements are notorious for having water [...]

Businesses and Water Stains – Could it be Mold?

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Water stains are a common occurrence after water damages, but do water stains mean you have mold? Mold can occur if a drop of water was not removed. Therefore you should always call a hazardous materials cleanup company like Colorado Hazardous Environmental for all water damages. They have tools to locate water behind walls and [...]