Disinfecting Your Home or Business- The Importance

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Regular cleaning is a normal part of your routine, but what about disinfecting? You might think a good wipe down, and clean is fine, but during certain times of the year, a disinfecting of your home or business could be a lifesaver. Germs can easily live on surfaces for a while, meaning everyone who comes [...]

Why Would I Need a 24-Hour Emergency Hazardous Removal Company?

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Hazardous materials can enter your home at any time. It is crucial that you know what is an emergency and what you should do. Many hazardous materials cannot wait and must be removed as soon as possible. Below, we will discuss what a true hazardous substance emergency is. Crime Scenes Crime scenes are traumatic and [...]

Spring Storms Can Cause Mold Growth

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Mold growth occurs naturally outside, but it is another issue when mold forms inside your home. Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and make you extremely ill. Mold forms from water damages that were not properly cleaned and repaired. If water sits, it will cause mold to form. Mold loves to develop in dark and [...]

Ice Dams Can Lead to Severe Mold Growth

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Winter weather can be beautiful, but it can cause significant damages to your property. Ice dams can form on your room and cause leaks to occur. Many do not inspect their attics as often as they should, meaning the water stays and becomes a breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause structural damages and spread [...]

Ways to Prevent Mold Growth This Winter

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Mold can grow at all times of the year, but during the Winter, you can see a spike in water damages and mold growth. With water, damages can come severe mold. Mold can cause structural damages, make you ill, and spread throughout your home. Below, Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss a few ways to prevent [...]

Rodents and Your Home this Fall – Ways to Protect Your Home!

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Fall is almost here and with it comes the colder weather. While the cooler weather is welcoming, it is also a time to be aware of rodents trying to enter your home. When the weather becomes cooler, and before it begins to snow, rodents will try to find a shelter for their families. These shelters [...]

Asbestos – What are the Truths?

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We see asbestos in magazines, in media, and plastered on billboards, but is it is dangerous as everyone makes it out to be? Below, Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss the facts about asbestos. If you believe your home or business contains asbestos, it is crucial to have a certified asbestos removal company provide an asbestos [...]

Basement and Attic Checks for Mold

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Spring is the time for cleaning and maintenance. However, we often overlook some key areas of our homes as we get ready for Summer. We clean the interior and exteriors of our homes, but we tend to ignore two areas that could cause you major grief. Our attics and basements are notorious for having water [...]

Asbestos Testing Before a Remodel

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Home remodels can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be dangerous. If you are a DIY type person, it is important to have your home tested for asbestos before you attempt any remodels. You may think asbestos is only in insulation or on your roof, but this is far from the truth. Asbestos [...]