4 Common Hazardous Materials That Could Be On Your Commercial Property

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Commercial properties are not immune to hazardous materials. In fact, many commercial properties have hazardous materials without even realizing it! Luckily, for you, Colorado Hazardous Materials is here to give you all the knowledge to help you be safer! Below are the most commonly found hazardous materials found in and around commercial properties. Asbestos Of [...]

Mold Removal and Your Property – 5 Things You Need to Know!

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Mold is a common hazardous material that is found in homes and commercial properties. Mold may not be as severe as asbestos, but it is still considered a hazardous material and can make you extremely ill. If you ever wondered if you needed mold removal or had questions about mold, we have the top five [...]

Tear Gas, Viruses, and Other Hazardous Materials Cleanup Options!

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Hazardous materials come in various forms and are all hazardous to your health. Some hazardous materials are talked about more than others. We all know that asbestos, mold, sewage, and rodents are considered hazardous materials and that we should call a professional to remove them, but what other materials are dangerous? Tear gas and Crime [...]

Warmer Weather Can Bring More Rodents into Your Home! 5 Ways to Keep Your Home Rodent Free!

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We all enjoy the Summer weather. Vacations and home gatherings make Summer everyone’s favorite time of year. Rodents also enjoy the Summer weather. While rodents will usually find solace in your attic and basement during the Winter months, the Summer also has its fair share of rodents entering homes. What is the best way to [...]

Disinfecting Your Home or Business- The Importance

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Regular cleaning is a normal part of your routine, but what about disinfecting? You might think a good wipe down, and clean is fine, but during certain times of the year, a disinfecting of your home or business could be a lifesaver. Germs can easily live on surfaces for a while, meaning everyone who comes [...]

Why Would I Need a 24-Hour Emergency Hazardous Removal Company?

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Hazardous materials can enter your home at any time. It is crucial that you know what is an emergency and what you should do. Many hazardous materials cannot wait and must be removed as soon as possible. Below, we will discuss what a true hazardous substance emergency is. Crime Scenes Crime scenes are traumatic and [...]

5 Common Types of Biohazards That Could Occur on Your Property

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Biohazards can occur inside your home and could cause serious illnesses. Many scenarios cause biohazards that need to be professionally removed from your property. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is going to discuss five common scenarios that are related to biohazards. These biohazards are dangerous and should never be removed without the proper equipment and licenses. Sewage [...]

5 Shocking Facts About Asbestos!

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Asbestos is a major hot topic across all media platforms. We all know it causes mesothelioma and lung cancer, but what else do we need to know? Asbestos is exceedingly hazardous to your health and can cause devastating illnesses. It is a silent killer. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has five facts that you should know about [...]

Spring Storms Can Cause Mold Growth

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Mold growth occurs naturally outside, but it is another issue when mold forms inside your home. Mold spores can cause respiratory problems and make you extremely ill. Mold forms from water damages that were not properly cleaned and repaired. If water sits, it will cause mold to form. Mold loves to develop in dark and [...]