Regular cleaning is a normal part of your routine, but what about disinfecting? You might think a good wipe down, and clean is fine, but during certain times of the year, a disinfecting of your home or business could be a lifesaver. Germs can easily live on surfaces for a while, meaning everyone who comes into that area may be exposed to different diseases and illnesses. Below we will discuss disinfecting homes and businesses.


During cold and flu season, a lot of germs can enter your home. This is especially the case during the Holidays, as you will have more people in and out of your home. Simply using a spray to clean the area will not thoroughly remove all the germs from your home. Hazardous materials removal companies have strong disinfectants that are used by certified professionals. We know how to apply these disinfectants and remove germs and other dangerous materials from your home.


Businesses see a lot of traffic each day. Many commercial properties are no stranger to hazardous materials and know the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing areas. The team at Colorado Hazardous Environmental is certified to handle all types of hazardous materials, including areas that have come into contact with different illnesses. We have the proper equipment and tools to clean the area and ensure all germs are removed safely and thoroughly.

Hazardous materials come in all forms and can make everyone extremely ill. Our goal is to professionally clean the area so that it is safe for people to enter. We provide this same service for areas where accidents or crimes have occurred. Bodily fluids can easily transfer diseases and illnesses. Our team has the proper suits and tools to stay safe as we clean your home or business.