Mold is a common hazardous material that is found in homes and commercial properties. Mold may not be as severe as asbestos, but it is still considered a hazardous material and can make you extremely ill. If you ever wondered if you needed mold removal or had questions about mold, we have the top five answers for you!

Mold Must Be Completely Removed From The Property

If you have mold growth on your property, it must be entirely removed, and the area disinfected. If this does not occur, the mold will continue to regrow. It is crucial that you have a professional remove the mold from your property for this reason. Mold can quickly begin to grow if all spores are not removed and killed.

Mold Grows In Dark Areas

Mold multiplies in dark areas. You typically find most mold growth to be in crawlspaces, attics, and basements because the areas are dark and generally damp, making it the perfect storm for mold breeding.

Mold Occurs After Water Damages

Water damages are the leading cause of mold growth. If you have had water damages and all the water was not removed, then mold will grow. Mold can grow from leaky pipes, roof leaks, and flooding.

Mold Stains Mean There Is An Overgrowth

If you see mold stains anywhere on your property, it means you already have a significant mold problem. At the first sight of mold stains, call a professional for the safe removal.

Mold Causes Illnesses

Mold is linked to many different respiratory and sinus illnesses. If you notice you are feeling sick when home, it could be a sign you have mold on your property.