When you think of sewage, you usually think of a dark, smelly substance that comes from your toilet or sewer line. Sewage comes in many different forms. From clear water with no smell to dark and pungent, all sewage is hazardous to your well being. Sewage contains viruses, bacteria, and even pathogens that can make you very ill. If you have sewage on your property, have a hazardous materials removal company safely remove the sewage and clean the area.

Winter Weather and Sewage Disasters

Sewage can back up into your home during the winter months. This can happen for a few different reasons, which we will discuss below. The main reason for sewage during the winter is ice and snowmelt. As the ice and snow begin to melt, it causes extra moisture in the ground, which can lead to sewage backing up. If this occurs on your property, it is crucial that you remove everyone from the area and call a hazardous materials removal company.

Excess Use

Another cause of sewage backup during the winter is from overuse. With family and friends coming over for the holidays, it is no surprise that your plumbing will be working overtime. If a sewage backup occurs from your toilet, never attempt to clean it yourself. This is very dangerous; even if the water is clear, it likely contains viruses and bacteria. Sewage can also back up into your home as a result of a clogged sewer line. This can often happen if items that shouldn’t be flushed are flushed down your toilet. This can occur when you have people over or from children playing in the bathroom. Whatever the case, sewage is dangerous!

If your property becomes the victim of a sewage disaster, give Colorado Hazardous Environmental a call. We have the tools to safely remove the sewage, clean and sanitize the area, and dispose of the sewage. Keep you and your family safe this winter by avoiding any sewage.