With Spring arriving, people around the world have begun to clean their homes. Spring cleaning is completed by millions of people each year. Each year during Spring cleaning, people find evidence of rodents inside their homes. While you might not think this is a common occurrence, it is. During the Winter, rodents look for warm, dry areas that have a food and water source. These places are often people’s homes. Rodents are tiny and have the ability to squeeze into small areas and enter your home.

How Do I Tell if I Have Rodents?

There are many different signs that you have an active rodent infestation. Rodents tend to be active at night and will scurry about, making noise. If you hear scratching sounds or like something is running around in your attic, you most likely have rodents.

Eaten Food

Rodents use your home as a shelter, so there is no surprise that they eat your food. If you notice chips, bread, and other bags that are being chewed or ripped, it is a rodent. They will take food back to their nests and feed their young.

Shredded Newspapers and other Items

If you come across magazines or newspapers that seem to have been shredded, a rodent is likely to use it as bedding. Rodents find all types of items to use for their nests to keep their young warm. They will use fabric, paper, and even plastic.

Urine or Feces

If you see rodent feces or urine, you have a rodent infestation and should call a hazardous materials removal company as soon as possible.
Rodents carry a lot of dangerous diseases that can make you and your family ill. If you have any of the above occurring in your home, contact us immediately. Rodent removal is a delicate process and should only be completed by certified individuals.