Hazardous materials can be found in many different areas of your home. Most of these materials are not even on your radar as being very dangerous. Below we will discuss the different types of hazardous materials and why you should call a professional for removal!


Mold may not seem like it is that dangerous, but it can cause severe respiratory illnesses. If you have mold stains around your property, it is vital that you contact a certified hazardous materials removal company. Mold is tricky, because it must all be removed and the area cleaned with special agents to ensure it does not grow back.


Outdoor sewage may seem like a major deal, but what about clear water coming from your toilet? All sewage is hazardous to your health. It doesn’t matter what color or odor it has; all sewage contains bacteria and viruses that can make you ill. If you have sewage on your property, always call a professional for the safe removal. It is also illegal to dispose of sewage without the correct license.


Rodents may not look very dangerous, but they carry harmful diseases and viruses that could make you and your family very ill. Even if you never see the rodents, you can become sick from their feces or urine, which they can track throughout your home. If you have rodents, always call a professional for removal. Rodents not only have a nasty bite, but they can destroy your home.


Lead paint isn’t as common as it once was, but it is still sometimes found in older homes. If your property has lead, it should be removed, especially if you have children on the property. Lead removal is very time consuming and a very delicate process. Always hire a professional, as lead poisoning is a genuine danger.


Asbestos is highly dangerous. Of the above, asbestos is the most dangerous hazardous material. Asbestos exposure causes illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other severe respiratory problems. Always hire a professional for asbestos removal.